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Eine Tasse Kaffee


We are the café and cinema Heimat in Morbach.


We have been running our café in Edgar Reitz's parents' house, the well-known Morbach director, since 2013. There we offer self-roasted coffee, self-made chocolates, chai teas and many other delicacies from our company "Mondo del Caffè". You can enjoy these specialties with us in a cozy atmosphere.





On the 1st floor, we will then offer you the opportunity to view an exquisite exhibition of the home film “The Other Home” free of charge. There are original props, costumes and much more to look at. You can also play many reports and film excerpts virtually directly in the exhibition.

Unsere Softeis-Lieblinge...

Käsebrötchen und Kaffee

"The coffee has to be black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love."


Image by Joel Muniz



There are beautiful things in life - good films and good wine are part of it for us, and when you combine them, you can often end up with unforgettable evenings! And this is exactly what we want to offer you with KinoVino - in a pleasant, decelerated atmosphere and personal ambience!
We invite you to our cozy cinema  for a reception with good wines and sparkling wine as well as selected specialties from our region - that is the right way to get in the mood for a special film, specially selected for this series! The reception is followed by sophisticated productions from the arthouse charts and upscale, entertaining mainstream, supplemented by specials such as classic films and documentaries. And please consider: A living room can quickly be filled with people ... so it is better to secure your tickets now !!!

The passion
It is important to us to inspire more and more people for the unique cultural asset of wine, to bring them closer to the responsible work of the winemaker - the difference between artisanal, authentic wines and industrially produced fast food wines.

The motto
“It is the secret of every wine. Those who can enjoy no longer drink wine, but taste secrets ”.
Salvador Dali   

Live music

And we want to celebrate that with you!
That's why we've come up with something very special for you. From July we will host a home evening once a month in the evening or have a morning pint. This is LIVE music from different genres. Since we love the craft and live quality, we have decided to only present you with artists who mostly have their own songs. There are already enough covers. We say it's time for something new!
The music genre will be mixed, from jazz to songwriters to pop and blues music.
We want to show you how much ART there is here in the Greater Region and at the same time support the music scene.
We will regularly introduce the artists on Facebook and give you a little foretaste. So it's best to subscribe directly to our Facebook page

Jazz early shopping
Under the motto: Art & Café, We are home, the good old days, enjoyment like in grandma's time, cake and jazz, good entertainment, get together, meet people, we are organizing from July  once a month on Sunday  A jazz drink from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the morning

Home meets history!
Stories from here and everywhere.
Regular readings, people who know something to tell and who can inspire us will take us to other homes and stories together.

The world of pleasure for the senses!
See - hear - smell  - taste it - film - concerts - readings - good food and drink!

This is HOME
Enjoyment is a positive sensory experience that is associated with physical and / or mental well-being.
And with us, everything revolves around enjoyment.
It is pleasure  Having time for yourself and friends and having something great to eat along the way. That can be good food, a delicious coffee, a great breakfast with the time that goes with it, a great film, a great conversation  or, on special occasions, a concert reading  be. And to go through the world with open eyes and discover the beautiful for yourself.


Image by Karl Fredrickson
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